This Sustainability Reporting Guide provides guidance on how to embed sustainability in your organisation and help you identify, evaluate and manage your material EES risks and opportunities. This second edition of the Guide replaces the first 2015 edition, including more current case studies, reference to the SDGs and the TCFD recommendations, some guidance on integrated reporting and a new chapter on assurance to provide guidance on how it may be conducted.

The Guide is designed to provide listed issuers with information on, among others:

  1. Why sustainability is important and how it makes good business sense.
  2. How to embed sustainability into organisations using basic principles including: Materiality; stakeholder engagement and robust reporting of sustainability performance.
  3. Detailed guidance on how to report in accordance with sustainability-related Listing Requirements, including example disclosures and good practice recommendations.
  4. Selecting themes and indicators for disclosure, based on the listed issuer’s material sustainability matters.

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(Source: Bursa Malaysia, 2018)